Opal Ear Ring

Ear rings have been making a style statement since Egyptian civilization. Ear rings have developed over the years and is a necessary accessory especially for women and in modern world for men also. Having an opal ear ring in your jewellery box is a definite style statement to reckon with.

Opal ear ring comes in few colours, white, cream, yellow, orange, green, blue, red or black. Though, the most popular and sought after are white and black coloured opal stone. White color opal being the cheapest and widely available while the black coloured opal is the rarest and a little expensive, for it is called by experts as “an investment”. For ornamental purpose, for making ear ring, all colours of opal stone look excellent, more so because of the natural shine that the opal stone has. The black color opal stone gives out a rainbow color in light and this is what makes it an exclusive piece of jewellery.

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Ear rings with gold design around opal stone or a diamond studded look, will make great opal stud ear rings. They are elegant and exquisite. Opal ear rings are a definite symbol of tasteful collection. To make your ear rings you can choose between solid opal stone or doublet and triplet opal stone.

Opal stone has much of astrological significance. It is believed that wearing opal helps to bring about good luck and hope. Opal is a precious gem stone that has been blessed by Nature. This is to say that opal has been so created naturally that no two opal stone can ever be similar. This factor about opal stone makes it even more sought after. These days there are lot of stores that are selling designer opal ear rings.

If you are really keen on buying opal ear rings, then first do a little research and surfing through. When you are buying precious gemstone of any kind, make sure that you are not doped and get the genuine stuff. There are so many designs and styles available in opal ear rings that you will be surely left confused if you have a design in your mind, then get the ear ring custom made and make it special.

Opal ear ring is an asset, especially the black opal. Take good care of your opal ear ring; make sure they do not remain for long in water or harsh weather condition. Get your opal ear rings polished by experts and keep them safe for many years to come.