Opal Bracelet

Opal stone, in what ever form you wear it is sure to make its mark. Opal bracelet is an accessory of an exceptional genre. It is very stylish and the right thing to wear if you want to make an impression and want people to sit up and take a notice of you.

You can get the bracelet made by getting together a few solid opal stones. They are natural and are available in many shapes, round, oval, square or rectangle. If you want a stylish, delicate bracelet, then use doublets or triplets. They are actually a thin layer of opal stone with a black base glued to it. This arrangement enhances the reflection quality of the stone and makes it shinier, thus adding to its beauty. Though, one needs to a little more careful with doublets or triplets than solid opal stone. The reasons are obvious enough, doublet or triplet opal stones are glued and are thinner than the natural opal stones. These opals are more for fashion purpose. Just remember to place them either in a cotton wrap or in a sealed storing bag after use. Wipe them for nay dirt before storing them. This way you can preserve opal bracelet for longer period of time.

The best combination of white opal stones bracelet would be with platinum or sterling silver. They will beautifully compliment each other and make a charming bracelet. Opal stones are found in Australia. When it comes to judging the genuine opal stone, there are innumerable rules and tips you will come across that will leave you even more confused. As a layman, no matter how ever you educate your self you can never be 100 % sure, though 99% and that I believe is good enough. Just remember three simple thing:-

  • Gain information but do not get confused
  • Look for a genuine place to buy opal stones
  • Look at the shine of the stone and just follow your heart and get a authentication certificate ( for legal purposes if doped)

Following these simple basic practical aspects, you will surely be able to purchase genuine opal stones.

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You get opal bracelet made of opal stones of single color and shape. This will give a sophisticated look. In this category, pure white, cream or crystal colored opal bracelet is usually considered. If you are able to get hold of an all black opal bracelet, then it will be ultimately classy. For funkier looking bracelet, get an assortment of opal stones done together with few hanging trinkets.