Mexican Opal

Very few are those gemstones that are considered to be unique in the lush world of the gemstones; and, one of those unique gems is the Mexican Opal, also known as Fire Opal. High admirers of Mexican Opals were the people of ancient India, Central America and Persia, who believed it to be a symbol of the most fervent love during those ancient ages. And as a matter of fact, the extent of vivacity that the Mexican Opals reflect made these ancient people believe that these gems have been created in the “waters of paradise”.

It is in the Mexican Highlands that the most fabulous and significant deposits of Fire Opals lie. These orange-red gemstones, often with slight clouding, distinguish themselves by their vibrant and beautiful color.

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This warm and expressive color of the Mexican Opals comes in varieties of shades ranging from yellow to light red and even sometimes with a brownish tinge. And the most remarkable feature is the excellent size of these Opals. You’ll find some of them to be as big as a man’s fist, thus opening up a whole range of new possibilities for the jeweler designers to work on them. Today, these Mexican Opals are high on the fashion lists and are setting brand new trends in the fascinating world of gemstones.