Opal Doublets

Imitation Precious Stones — that’s what best defines the Opal Doublets. As the name itself suggests, opal doublets comprise of an adhesive that binds a thin and slim slice of valuable natural opal to a backing of glass or quartz or a low quality opal itself.

For an experienced person or even for a novice, at times, opal doublets are very easy to be identified. Just sweep your glance over the side of the opal. And if you see that two slices of stones are adhered together and that the line between the colored opal and the backing is perfectly straight, then rest assured it’s an Opal Doublet. But an opal doublet embedded into a piece of jewelry with covered sides is extremely difficult to recognize, even for an expert. It is so because, since the face of the stone is natural opal, as such, it appears to be exactly like a original opal; and opals doublets are much natural in appearance as compared to the triplets.

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Opal doublets are quite popular a choice when it comes to making pendants, earrings, rings or any other opal jewelry. Because of the nature of doublets, it is the stone brightness, pattern, color and size that are considered to be the yardstick when determining the MRP. Weight is not a major consideration and as a result, opal doublets offer excellent money value as per the aesthetic appeal.