Opal Triplets

As amateurs, the most luxurious yet inexpensive way to enjoy the beauty of Opals is to get you an Opal Triplet. And if you are not very sure as to what a triplet means, then here’s the info for you. An opal triplet is nothing, but a sleek piece of natural opal, that is “sandwiched” either between a pair of clear glass or quartz cap, supported by a stone or a plastic backing. It is the glass or quartz cap that protects the opal slice, and the backing enhances the gem color.

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Practically speaking, the entire idea of an opal triplet is to present even a low quality opal in such a manner, that it appears to be a high quality ‘black opal’. At times, triplets can also produce several inexpensive yet dazzling marketable ‘gemstones’.

Opal triplets can be easily distinguished by their clear non-opal capping and it is by this very feature of the gemstone that the experienced people readily identify a triplet by the appearance of the stone. Because of the glass capping, these stones wear a glossy look and light reflects differently from the face of the stone. And now coming to the commercial terms, triplets are relatively cheaper than the doublets as Opal triplets contain lesser amount of real opal. Opals are basically fragile stones; but with synthetic capping, opal triplets are a lot more resistant compared to the real gemstone.