Rough Opals

As the name itself suggests, Rough Opal, popularly known as Raw Opal is nothing but Opal in its original state. This piece of gemstone is totally uncut and unshaped. Extracted from the mines, rough opals are often sold out post cleaning, and are thus available for being used up in a number of ways.

Rough opals are high in demand these days. Popular among amateur stone cutters to jewelers to high end classy customers, everybody well understands the value of this particular piece of gem.

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Rough opals highly suit all kinds of individual needs. As an amateur stone cutter you are open to create cut solid opal and make good money of the same; again as a jeweler you are free to design opal doublets and triplets and finally as the high end classy customer you can opt to have a set of rough opal jewelry accessories that are truly elegant and fabulous. Available in a very few colors like red, gray, orange, cream, white and black, every specimen of the uncut, raw opals are unique. Opals are beautiful and nice parcels of quality rough opals are even more satisfying.